Faith is Hard

I wonder how many people are having doubts or going through struggles.  This post is for them and me… I use to hate myself whenever I would ask questions like “what if this is true?” or “what if it’s not?” It was my belief that I wasn’t having enough faith when asking these questions and … More Faith is Hard

Learning to live

I have often heard from people who have lost ones they love, that after the death and all of the grieving, it is as if the person who remained has to learn how to live again.  I never quite understood that.  Don’t get me wrong, I never questioned it but I could not even begin … More Learning to live

Easter and Beyond

I love Easter!  It is truly a celebration of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.  He was our sacrificial lamb and without fault but because of His great love we were given the opportunity to decide to follow Him and he would cover us with that redemptive blood and allow us to be reconciled to … More Easter and Beyond